By Janet Myers | April 25, 2017

Top Design Trends for 2017 So Far

Your home kitchen has had the same look for more years than you can remember now. Many homeowners in your situation find themselves daydreaming of making a big change with a kitchen remodeling project. However, you aren’t quite sure about what look will be best.

Whether you are designing a kitchen from scratch for a brand new home that has yet to be constructed or are updating your current dwelling’s kitchen, it pays to be aware of the latest design trends.

Let your imagination run free as you consider the top five kitchen design trends of 2017, so far:

1. Built-in Kitchen Bar

You can make your home more hospitable and ready for parties when you add a built-in kitchen bar to the mix. A recent article at Inman noted that built-in bars for the kitchen are a new twist on the 2016 trend of kitchen bar carts. Besides helping you entertain your guests in style, the built-in bar gives you plenty of storage space, with shelves for cocktail ingredients, glasses and other party items.

2. Island Built with Contrast in Mind

A kitchen island is utilitarian, to be sure, since it gives you extra work space and frees up the existing counters along the walls. An emerging trend in 2017 is to set up a kitchen counter that has contrasting colors to the rest of the kitchen decor.

A kitchen island with a cool hue pairs nicely with a kitchen designed with warm colors, for example. To give your kitchen an added retro kick, consider installing a brightly colored 1950s refrigerator with your new island.

3. Backsplash Made with Hexagonal Tiles

A backsplash provides a nice contrast with kitchen walls and cabinets. In 2017, trends point toward using hexagonal shapes in backsplash tiles.

A monochrome approach to the tiles will accentuate their unique shape, while adding some color tiles will makes the backsplash more of a focal point.

4. Wood and White Combination for Country Flair

Bring a bit of country living into your kitchen by installing rustic wooden countertops. But don’t stop there. Accentuate the natural beauty of wood with some white accessories. This results in a contemporary twist on the traditional look of “country chic.”

5. Great Wall of Tile

If a backsplash doesn’t provide enough tiles for your aesthetic, you can go much bigger. Another kitchen design trend for 2017 is to put in a whole wall of tiles. From floor to ceiling, the tiles will make a beautiful counterpoint to kitchen appliances and accessories.

Nothing personalizes a home like a kitchen remodeling project. However, homeowners sometimes find it difficult and time-consuming to figure out the best look for their kitchen. This is why so many people in the greater Jacksonville, Florida region have come to rely on the team at David Gray Design Studio. We stay on top of the latest kitchen design trends and will be happy to lend you our expertise in coming up with a plan for your new dream kitchen. For details on our design process or to make an appointment for a consultation, please contact us today.

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