By Janet Myers | December 11, 2019

Top 5 Kitchen Remodel Design Trends for 2020

Is remodeling your kitchen on your New Year’s resolution list for 2020? If so, consider implementing some of the top trends of 2020 into your design to make your kitchen remodel dreams come true.

Double Island

double island

Photo by: Echelon Custom Homes

2020 is all about functional space in the kitchen, which means a double island for extra storage and counter space. Many homeowners are adding a double island because it allows for dual functionality. One island is designed for food preparation with large counter space, a deep basin sink, and cabinet drawers. The second island is designated as the casual eating area with bar stools, a spacious area to set out appetizers, and a wine rack.

More Color

colorful kitchen

Photo by: MSiegel Design

White and gray have been the popular palettes for a while, but color is finally being introduced back into the kitchen. There are many ways to add pops of color to your kitchen, including adding a custom colored range or a colorful tiled backsplash.  

Open Shelving

open shelving

Photo by: Design Shop Interiors

Open shelving has been a trend for a while, and it looks like it’s here to stay. Today’s open shelving allows homeowners to add their own style and personality as they display kitchenware and décor. Some helpful tips include placing items of varying heights on the same shelf, grouping items in twos or threes, and artistically displaying multiples of the same items. For example, group a row of wine glasses together or stack two or three bowls together.

Sustainable Materials

sustainable kitchen materials

Photo by: Sustainable Kitchens

As the world grows more eco-friendly, people are looking for ways to add sustainability to their kitchen remodel. Use only recycled or natural materials, such as wood or stone or quartz when designing your cabinets and countertops. Many cabinetry makers are taking the manufacturing process into consideration and making materials with a lower emission finish in mind.

Dark Blue Cabinets

dark blue cabinets

Photo by: Sustainable Kitchens

Classic, dark blue cabinetry has risen in popularity. In fact, Sherwin-Williams named Naval, a rich dark blue, their 2020 color of the year.  Dark blue cabinets are ideal as an accent color on your kitchen island, or you can use them throughout your entire kitchen. This deep shade pairs beautifully with gold or brass accents for a bold, Art Deco style kitchen. It combines a classic shade with natural, sustainable materials.

Other top kitchen design trends include using warm wood grains, full wall backsplashes, and redoing the pantry.

By implementing some or all of these kitchen trends, you can remodel your kitchen into a gourmet kitchen that you and your family will love to cook and eat in. Do you want to hear more kitchen design ideas? The designers at David Gray Design Studio in Jacksonville, FL can offer you even more suggestions to make your kitchen more up-to-date. Contact us today at (904) 724-7211 or schedule an appointment online.

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