By Janet Myers | January 21, 2020

Top 5 Bathroom Remodel Design Trends for 2020

This is it. 2020 is the year you finally remodel the bathroom! What do you want to do with it? You've got plenty of different options, in terms of both design and functionality. If you're looking for ideas, here are the top five bathroom remodel trends of 2020.

1. Freestanding Tubs

freestanding tubs

Photo by: KGA Studio Architects, PC

Instead of the typical shower/bath combo, a freestanding tub sits by itself on the floor. There are a number of advantages, stylistically. First, there's the flexibility. Regular modern bathtubs are almost always situated against one wall. A freestanding one can be placed anywhere in the room, at any angle. It also provides your bathroom with a cool vintage style that will make it stand out from other bathroom designs.

Raising the tub off the floor also gives you some unique advantages. First, it allows you to show off more of your bathroom tile, which can be appealing, particularly if it's done in interesting colors or designs. And seeing that extra tile gives the bathroom the illusion of having extra space, making it feel open and inviting.

2. Heated Floors

heated floors

For many years, these were considered a luxury. Now, they're becoming standard in many homes, including bathrooms. Early in the morning and late at night, bathroom tile can get very cold, especially in winter. Heated floors make those bathroom trips more comfortable. They also save energy, by giving your furnace an easier time keeping your home warm. They even increase the resale value of your home!

3. Smart Lighting

bathroom smart lightning

Photo by: C.P. Hart Bathrooms

Smart bulbs give you complete control over the lighting design of a room. You can change the brightness or even the color with the touch of a button, all from your smartphone. Make it nice and bright to help wake you up during your morning shower, or bring them down to a low, soothing warm color for a nice, hot bath after a long day.

Smart lights can be programmed to turn on automatically when you enter the room, and shut off when you leave, which saves energy. No more bulbs left on all day! They also use LED bulbs which use much less energy than incandescent or fluorescent, and last a lot longer.

4. Utilizing Small Spaces

utilizing small bathroom spaces

Photo by: Copper Sky Renovations

In today's design world, kitchens and living rooms are getting bigger. The flip side is bathrooms are getting smaller. However, there are plenty of ways to utilize that space more efficiently, so you don't need as much room.

A pedestal sink takes up less room than one with a cabinet below it. Replace those cabinets with shelves affixed to the wall, to store everything from towels to soap to cleaning supplies and more. You can also add a bookshelf or set of drawers just outside the bathroom to store extra toiletries.

5. Bringing in Nature

plants in bathroom

Photo by: Wellborn Cabinet, Inc

Make your bathroom more eco-friendly by bringing in some plants. Choose plants that will thrive in a warm environment with lots of moisture. Put some on the shelves, or even hang one from the ceiling! Not only will they make your bathroom look inviting, they also smell great, and can help purify the air too!

These are just a few of the things you can do to design your perfect bathroom for 2020. The designers at the Design Studio at David Gray Plumbing in Jacksonville, FL can help you determine your specific needs and wants for your bathroom remodel, and how to implement them efficiently. The sky's the limit! Schedule an appointment with us today by contacting us online or calling us at (904) 724-7211.

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