By Janet Myers | March 26, 2019

Light Up Your Home with Lutron

For homeowners looking for unmatched convenience, smart home technology is a no-brainer. A light control system can take your home to the next level with accessibility and style. See how a Lutron smart system offers you optimal convenience, enhanced security and saves you money on your energy bill.

Enhanced Convenience

Imagine driving up to your home and having the lights in your entryway turn on automatically. A Lutron system eliminates the inconvenience of walking around the house and turning lights on and off when coming or going. The smart system allows you to control your home’s lighting system with comprehensive control, remembering and adjusting to your personalized settings for each room. With the touch of a button or a voice command, you can have complete control over the lighting throughout your home – whether you are near or far away.

Safety and Security

Lutron provides myriad solutions that help to keep your home safe and secure. Intuitive lighting controls allow you to turn on the lights before you leave your car, and dimmer controls light the way if you have to move across your home in the middle of the night. Smart home automation allows comfortable customization that will allow you to feel at ease at all times.

Save Energy

Between dimmers, occupancy sensors and whole home light control systems, modern technology can help save you money while helping the environment. A Lutron system includes eco-dim solutions which automatically reduce your home’s energy consumption by 15 percent or more. Commercial properties can also benefit from the savings associated with automated systems by utilizing smart tools such as window sensors that monitor daylight and help control heating and cooling costs.

The professional electricians at David Gray Electrical Services can assist you in choosing and installing a Lutron smart lighting system. Contact us at (904) 724-7211 or visit for more information.

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