By Janet Myers | June 20, 2018

Keep Your Remodel Looking Brand New

Investing in a home remodel is a great way to increase the value of your home and provide a space that you love spending time in. However, if you don't take care of your new surfaces, appliances and furnishings, they might begin to look old and faded. Keep your bathroom, kitchen or other space looking like new with the following tips.

Resealing Stone Tile

resealing stone tile

Stone tile looks beautiful and provides natural resiliency. However, that doesn't mean it is maintenance-free. Stone tile comes with a pre-existing sealer that prevents stains and chips, but this can eventually wear down. Ideally, check your tile once a year to see if the sealer is still good. You can do this by putting a few drops of water on the surface. If the water soaks into the tile or grout in under a minute, you'll need to reseal.

Resealing isn't too big of a project. Simply choose a sealer that's rated for stone tile and use a grouting sponge to apply it. Work in small sections to ensure full coverage. 

Cleaning Tips

grout cleaning items

Cleaning is irksome but essential if you truly want your remodel to shine. One area that typically shows dirt and grime the most is grout. Cleaning grout isn't too hard if you know the right technique. Grab some oxygenated bleach, warm water, a toothbrush, a lemon and grout sealer.

Wipe off the surface, and then use a mixture of bleach and water to soak the grout. Clean with the toothbrush in a circular motion. For stubborn dirt, use the lemon juice. Once things are looking clean, apply grout sealer to keep dirt away (do this about once a year).

For the rest of your home, stick to natural cleaning products, as these don't contain any harmful chemicals and are far better for your health. Some of the most common solutions you can make yourself include:

  • Vinegar and water to clean mirrors and windows
  • Castile soap and water for kitchen countertops
  • Coconut oil cooking spray for stainless steel
  • Baking soda for sinks and bathtubs

Home Décor

home decor

Spruce up your new remodeled space with some home decor. Of course, you can use your old home decor, but for a truly revitalized space, try upgrading to new styles. Some of the biggest current trends in home decor are:

  • Indoor plants with large leaves, exotic flowers, and lush greenery
  • Neutral colors paired with a bold color, such as orange, turquoise, or yellow
  • Nautical accessories, such as striped pillows, navy throw rugs, and life preserver artwork

Keep It Organized

storage organization

Eliminate clutter with some unique storage options in your new space. For example, you might invest in dual-purpose furniture to store away blankets and pillows not in use or shelving under your stairs for sports gear and other supplies. Other storage ideas include:

  • Shelving on the walls
  • Baskets that fit inside closets
  • Pull-out shelves in the pantry
  • Drawer organizers

We want your remodel to last you a lifetime, so follow these tips to keep everything as new as possible. When you're ready to upgrade the rest of your home, contact David Gray Design Studios.

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