By Janet Myers | October 12, 2015

Installing Automatic Fixtures in the Home

In today’s convenience-oriented society, sensors are often found embedded throughout buildings to save us time and energy. We see them in green workplaces where the lights turn on when you enter a room and then go out when no motion is detected for a while, for example, and to control the sliding doors at stores that detect when we approach.

Undoubtedly you’ve been inside a public restroom that has motion sensors to activate faucets at the sink. To start washing your hands, you simply approach the sink and wave your hands in the air instead of pushing or turning a handle. You can also use a sensor to automatically flush the toilet, for handle-free activation. Wouldn’t it be great if you could take advantage of this same technology in your home? Read on for details of the benefits of installing automatic fixtures at your abode.


You don’t need to settle for a cookie cutter experience when it comes to your bathroom fixtures. Feel free to be creative with your design, and with automatic fixtures installed, you can customize how they operate in terms of flow and temperature.

This means that when you have the water at your preferred temperature, the faucet will dispense water the same way the next time you use it. Cleanup will be easier and more convenient.


Older people with arthritis or anyone who has difficulty grasping and turning faucet handles will appreciate how easy it is to use automatic fixtures. These high-tech fixtures will typically use motion sensors, with an infrared beam detecting the approach of your hands.

An automated toilet will sense when the person has finished using it and will flush accordingly. For people who use their feet to move the handle to flush a toilet out of a desire to avoid germs, automated fixtures will set their minds at ease and help keep healthy.

Hands Free

The main attraction of automatic fixtures is of course their hands-free operation. This is particularly beneficial when you have a high-traffic bathroom with plenty of kids or guests.

Have you ever seen someone using his elbow to move the handle in a public bathroom, or grab the faucet handle with a paper towel to avoid touching it directly? This instinct to avoid touching a germy surface is admirable, since you don’t want to inadvertently catch something because the previous user’s hands were contaminated when touching fixtures.

The same goes for the toilet. People will use their shoe to move the handle and make it flush rather than touching it with their bare hands. It’s much more hygienic to use a hands-free, automatic fixture.  

You can make your home seem futuristic and the envy of your friends and neighbors when you install automatic fixtures. At David Gray Design Studio, our knowledgeable professionals will be happy to assist you when it comes to adding this technology. Your family will find it more convenient and easy to use and the bathroom will be more sanitary when people no longer need to use their hands to activate the water. For details on automatic fixtures or to set up an appointment with our team, please contact the experts at David Gray Design Studio today.

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