By Janet Myers | May 05, 2015

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Summer is fast approaching, and this means that many homeowners will be looking forward to enjoying daylight in their backyards. Kids are out of school and will want to have fun outside while staying close to home. Even though adults still have work to do during the summer, they will be interested in throwing parties and having impromptu meals and other get-togethers outside. With this in mind, here are some tips to help you revamp your outdoor space for summer.

Add More Seats

Just because you’re spending more time out of doors this summer, it doesn’t mean you have to forgo the basic amenities of life. This means you will want to add some more seating options. Homeowners who just have a few mismatched chaise lounges need to add more all-weather furniture.

An outdoor dining set is ideal when you plan to have a lot of meals outside with the family or when entertaining friends and neighbors. Get a large enough set to accommodate at least your entire family and four more guests.

If you are interested in setting up a patio bar, don’t forget to include outdoor-friendly bar stools.

Daybeds will provide you and your guests a cozy place to sprawl around, and in a pinch will do nicely when someone is in need of a nap. A covered sofa is a good alternative. Look for furniture that is designed to withstand the harsh sun and occasional rain. To keep everyone dry during inclement weather, consider installing an awning.

Improve Lighting

When summer arrives, people often want to spend more time outside than usual. Don’t leave them in the dark. You need to improve the lighting so you can safely use the area at night.

Mood lighting is good, letting you throw colored lights into the mix. If you are throwing an exotic party, tiki torches are great because you can use citronella oil to provide illumination as well as repel insects.

With properly installed lighting, you won’t have to cut the proceedings short when it grows dark outside. Besides making your outdoor space more conducive to socializing, landscape lighting will give your foliage a nice accent.

Since you’re putting in lighting to improve the look of your backyard, it makes sense to also add some motion-triggered security lights in the front and back of your home for increased security and peace of mind.

Put in a Focal Point

It’s always a good idea to consider what the focal point should be, whether you are doing design and decoration work for inside the home or outside.

Many homeowners like to put in a fire pit to make the summer nights more romantic. If you enjoy relaxing after a hard day at work, a new hot tub is a great way to go. It will encourage guests to sit down and socialize as they enjoy the bubbling jets.

Another good option for a focal point is a fountain. The gentle sounds of water will promote relaxation and people enjoy watching the gentle movements of water as much as they like seeing flames flickering in a fireplace.

The professional designers at David Gray Design Studio have plenty of experience helping homeowners in the greater Jacksonville, Florida area and surrounding regions with upgrading their outdoor space. If you would like more information on making the best of your backyard before summer rolls around, please feel free to contact David Gray Design Studio today.

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