By Janet Myers | July 16, 2019

How to Pull Off Open Shelving in Your Kitchen Remodel

Open shelving is a striking way to show off treasured collections of pottery, cookbooks, wine, and more. In the real world, though, it can collect dust or look cluttered and uncoordinated if not done correctly.

Here’s how to use this popular trend to add pops of color and visual interest to your kitchen remodel.

Use Light Wood for Your Kitchen Cabinets

light wood

Photo by: Design Shop Interiors

One of the best reasons for using open shelving is the light and airy feel it can give the space. Choose a light colored or painted white wood for the shelves to maximize this design tip. A bonus: the lighter color will help your dishes, kitchenware, and whatever else you choose to put on the shelves pop.

Try Shelves Instead of Kitchen Cabinets

kitchen shelving

Photo by: Daisy Chubb

Shelves are more practical than you might have thought. Think beyond cabinets with glass or wire doors. Open shelves instead of corner cabinets, for example, increase your storage options and make things far easier to reach while giving the room a more modern and relaxed look. Worried about dust? Regularly use the items stored on the shelves and they won’t have time to get dusty!

Work with a Tile Pattern

kitchen tile pattern

Photo by: Design Platform

Open shelving with tiling behind it ensures whatever is placed on the shelves will look amazing. Whether your style is classic or contemporary, consider the direction of the tiles on your backsplash before installing open shelving over it, making sure the lines of the shelving don’t clash with your tile. Subway tiles done in a horizontal pattern are a great choice.

Match Your Dishes with Your Kitchen Seating

kitchen seating

Photo by: Dan Ruhland Designs LLC

Picking and sticking to a color scheme makes the shelves look cohesive and the room beautifully put-together. Neutrals, bolds, or pastels—try to work within the scheme as you choose both materials and the items you place on the open shelving. Creative ideas you might not have thought of include making sure the fabric on chairs and barstools, or even the palette in artworks, matches or complements dishes, glassware, and ceramic pieces.

Think Outside the Dishware

kitchen display

Photo by: Holmes + Salter Interiors

Display books, decoration, and various accoutrement alongside your dishes and kitchenware. Try mixing new dishes with favorite antiques to add interest, character, and texture. Squeeze in some keepsakes and cookbooks, too. Everything doesn’t need to be functional, but it should inspire joy.

Learn More

One of the easiest ways to update your kitchen’s style is to replace some upper cabinets with open shelving instead. Still not sure it’s the right choice for you? Try it out before taking the leap by removing your cabinet doors a month or so before you begin your remodel.

If you’d like to hear more about incorporating open shelving into your kitchen remodel, the designers at David Gray Design Studio can help. Schedule an appointment online today or call us at (904) 724-7211.

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