By Janet Myers | December 17, 2018

Hot Home Trends for the New Year

As the year comes to a close, new home design trends are waiting in the wings. In 2019, the spotlight will land on new colors, textures and styles that will help you start creatively thinking of ways to update your living space. Check out David Gray Design Studio’s list of the chic new designs that will take center stage in the new year.

Warm Accents

While 2018 saw a peak in sleek, modern styles, the new year will usher in timeless tones for your kitchen remodel. The uniform grays, blacks and chromes of 2018 will be replaced with warm, leathery hues across the kitchen. From cabinet pulls to backsplashes, expect a resurgence of soft browns and rich sepia tones in 2019.

Art Deco

Another rising trend in home design is art deco. The geometric, yet elegant style can be incorporated around your entire home. Bathroom fixtures, tile design, bedrooms and kitchens can all benefit from the bold design. Many furniture styles are now leaning into the 1920s style as well, making it easier to coordinate across rooms.

Mixed Metal

Mixing metal accents is a modern and edgy way to unify design styles across your home. The trend involves styling your home with an ensemble of two to three metals such as gold, copper or chrome. When well-coordinated around the home, the trend adds a sophisticated vintage flair to your entire space.

Nontraditional Shapes

The new year will see a rise in organically shaped furniture and spherical lines throughout the home. Whether they are found on counters or couches, curved edges soften the look of a room. The inviting trend has been historically popular until the past several years, when sharp geometric lines dominated style guides. Its resurgence brings unique design opportunities for kitchens, bathrooms and living spaces alike.

The specialists at David Gray Design Studio can help you incorporate the newest trends when revamping your home. If you’re ready for a redesign in 2019, contact us at (904) 224-5971 or visit

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