By Janet Myers | December 27, 2014

blue and gold ornaments

It’s that special time of year again, when people decorate their homes to reflect the joy and happiness of the holiday season. While many homeowners prefer to stick with the traditional colors of red and green to mark the season, that doesn’t mean that you need to follow the crowd.

There is plenty of room for individualism when it comes to holiday decor. You and your family can change the look of your home in a unique way by selecting colors that may be a bit out of the mainstream but will still be quite festive. Through more than 20 years of experience in decorating, we’ve come to see that you can easily bring the holiday spirit into your home without doing the same thing as everyone else.

Other colors that can be festive include gold, silver, royal blue and winter white. Using non-traditional colors will let you celebrate the holiday season in style and set your home apart from your neighbors.


Gold is a time-honored symbol of wealth and quality and many people enjoy using this luxurious hue to bring a sense of class and festivity to the home. For example, put up golden garlands or use golden candleholders to provide a sleek and classic look that will liven up your home as they sparkle and shine.


When we hear the traditional song “Silver bells,” we know that the holiday season is fast upon us. Consider integrating silver in your decor, from hanging actual silver bells to accent your furnishings to painting holiday wreathes with this beautiful metallic hue.

Royal Blue

From tablecloths to slipcovers to ornaments that you hang on the tree, royal blue is a beautiful choice to herald the holiday season. This rich hue conveys a sense of optimism and luxury and will give you a tasteful accent which turns heads.

Winter White

Nothing says the holiday season quite like the white of freshly fallen winter snow. You can bring some of this feeling into your home by adopting some winter white colored decor. It’s also worth noting that winter white will pair exceptionally well with royal blue. A painted or artificial tree that is pure white will make a stunning addition to your living room, giving you a sense of snow and holiday cheer.

Rainbow of Stockings

It seems a bit strange that we would focus on one color scheme for stockings during the holidays (red and white) when we would never think of being so strict during the rest of the year.

If the thought of hanging up red and white stockings over the fireplace tends to bore you, consider using non-traditional yet perfectly delightful colors, such as blue, silver or gold to hold the stocking stuffers for your loved ones.

The professionals at David Gray Design Studio want to wish all of our customers a Happy Holiday. We take pride in helping homeowners throughout the greater Jacksonville, FL area and beyond with their home decorating projects. If you would like more information on how you can use colors during the holidays or would like to set up an appointment for our services, please contact David Gray Design Studio today at

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