By Janet Myers | April 09, 2020

Easy Seasonal Decorating for the Kitchen

Spring is representative of new beginnings and growth, so there’s no better time than now to give your home décor a bit of a refresh, too. And, since you’re likely stuck at home these days, you have more opportunity to enjoy any changes you make. The warmer weather and blooming flowers offer the ideal inspiration to implement these methods for getting your kitchen into the spirit of spring.

Make Use of Greenery and Florals

A beautiful way to embrace spring is to decorate with greenery and florals. While fresh flowers are a great choice, putting together a bouquet of artificial flowers often looks just as pretty. Plus, you don’t have to worry about changing out water or buying new flowers when the old ones wilt.

Small, colorful arrangements add a burst of brightness, and tall vases filled with greenery bring a fresh, clean look to your space. Some popular spring flowers include tulips, peonies and lilacs, while varieties of fern and eucalyptus are common choices for greenery. These arrangements can add a pop of color to your kitchen table or island, or add in beautiful textures to open-shelving.

Add in Simple Artwork

Do you have an extra frame or chalkboard lying around? These both have endless potential for decorating! You can fill a frame with free online printable art or a simple photo – the options are endless, plus both can easily be switched out for the next season. If you have a small, framed chalkboard, you can display your favorite spring quote or a fun saying. These are also great ways to involve kids in the decorating process.

If you don’t have any available shelves in your kitchen to display these, you can arrange various frames, vases and other items on your kitchen counters to create a simple eye-catching display.

Switch Up Your Linens

It’s not practical to switch out every aspect of your kitchen for each season, but an easy way to make changes is to incorporate a new tablecloth, dish towels or placemats. Mix and match any of these tips and try to incorporate florals and bright colors. For example, you can display towels on the oven door handle and integrate the same colors from placemats into a floral arrangement.

Call David Gray for Bigger Projects

Sometimes spring decorating can spark inspiration for bigger renovations. If you have any questions or want to learn more about starting a kitchen or bath remodel, give us a call at (904) 724-7211.

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