By Janet Myers | June 07, 2019

Clever Ways to Make Your Kitchen Remodel Look Expensive

It’s often the most expensive room to renovate, but you don’t need a big budget to make your kitchen look more expensive than it is. From appliances to countertops and décor, every detail needs attention. But by making strategic changes and switching up a few small details, you’ll discover you don’t need to break the bank to make a big impact.

Here’s how to make your kitchen look like a million bucks, or at least more expensive than what you really paid.

Update Your Hardware

Black kitchen drawers with gold pulls

Photo by: BedfordBrooks Design Inc.

There's no quicker way to update your kitchen’s look than by replacing old cabinet and drawer pulls with new hardware. And don't be afraid to mix metals and designs for each. To maintain a high-end look, just be sure to stick with the same finish. Clean, traditional lines in polished nickel or unlacquered brass are always good choices.

Get Creative with Your Seating

Unique banquette seating arrangement between kitchen island and bar

Photo by: Delicious Kitchens & Interiors, LLC

Replace those backless, uncomfortable island bar stools with a more inspired seating option that adds visual interest. If you have an eat-in kitchen, use an understated quality upholstery fabric to recover the seat cushions and backs. A big Southern trend this year is built-in banquette seating that creates cozy yet chic dining areas.

Choose a Luxurious Color Palette

Muted kitchen with colorful wallpaper

Photo by: Andrea Schumacher Interiors

And while you’re at it, play with texture, too.  Flip through any designer magazine or online portfolio and you'll see the most luxurious rooms are done in muted, non-primary colors like cream, charcoal, beige, and gray. Not only will these lighter colors make the room appear bigger and brighter, they’ll make your kitchen look elegant and expensive.

Another look often found in luxury kitchens is a feature wall that is either painted a complementary color or covered with textured wallpaper. Using different textures in the room results in a more high-end look, and you can get some nice effects by choosing two or three close colors and then creating varying matte, distressed, and even high-gloss raised patterns on different surfaces.

Make the Switch to Smart Lighting

Well-lit kitchen

Photo by: Advance Design Studio, Ltd.

A smart lighting system can make your kitchen look amazing, bringing a whole new level of convenience and control to the room’s lighting. Smart lighting products help you eliminate banks of light switches, create preset lighting levels, showcase decorative details, and boost energy efficiency.

If your kitchen still has older lighting, especially fluorescent tubes, installing updated fixtures can make a huge difference. Consider using a combination of pendant lights, sconces, and directed flood lights for darker areas. Low hanging fixtures give the illusion of a soaring ceiling and are ideal for above the island and dining spaces. And from traditional to contemporary, relatively inexpensive globe fixtures elevate all style rooms.

Put the lighting on a dimmer and you instantly upgrade the feel of your kitchen, giving it a luxurious atmosphere which is a nice touch when entertaining. And don’t forget task lighting. Battery powered LED under-cabinet lights are an inexpensive solution that look great and are super easy to install. Finally, many people are installing sensor LED strips under islands or lower cabinets to cast a nice glow—they’re even available in different colors.

Pulling it Together

Doing just one of these things can instantly make your kitchen look a million times more luxe. If you're interested in hearing about additional clever ways to make your kitchen remodel look expensive while staying within your budget, the designers at the Design Studio at David Gray can help. Schedule an appointment with us today to learn more or call us at (904) 853-8580.

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