By Janet Myers | February 27, 2019

Choose the Perfect Countertops for your 2019 Kitchen Remodel

Is this the year you take on your kitchen remodel? Countertops not only visually define the kitchen, they can also make up a good portion of your kitchen remodeling budget, so it helps to know you’re choosing wisely.

It might be tempting to choose countertops based on looks alone but durability, maintenance, and cost are all important factors to consider. Whether you choose granite, laminate, or ceramic tile, here's our list of what to look for as you decide which countertops are best for your remodel.

What's your budget?

marble countertop

Photo by: Paul Anater

Marble countertops add a look of luxury, but might not be practical for your budget

From about $20 per square foot for basic plastic laminate to over $250 per square foot for top-grade granite or marble, the cost of kitchen countertops varies as widely as the materials themselves.

But like looks, cost alone should not be the only consideration. How you'll use the countertops should factor in as well. For example, high-end butchers block often costs more than low-grade granite. Since most good countertop materials, maintained properly, last indefinitely, pick your ideal material first and then see if a version exists that fits your budget.

How much maintenance can you handle?

wood countertop

Photo by: Rosewood Custom Cabinetry & Millwork

Wood countertops are a unique option for a farmhouse look, but require some upkeep

Some materials are more difficult to keep up while others are extremely resilient with little to no maintenance. Be honest with yourself about how much effort you want to put into the care of countertops.

Porous materials like granite, limestone, and marble need sealing at least once a year and woods require oiling at least twice a year. Man-made materials require the least effort.

How durable do the countertops need to be for your family's lifestyle?

quartz countertop

Photo by: SSC Countertops

Quartz countertops are an excellent option for families looking for durability

This is an area where all kitchen countertops are not created equal! Make a list of how your family uses the kitchen. Will the countertops see a lot of daily activity? In that case, you want to choose a material that's able to withstand a variety of cooking and cleanup styles. Many busy families choose quartz for just this reason. They’re beautiful to look at, resist stains, and are impervious to serrated knives, abrasive cleaning pads, and hot pots.

What’s the size of your kitchen?

multiple countertop

Photo by: Crisp Architects

For larger kitchens, using multiple materials can help you manage budget and style

How much space do you need to cover? Once you calculate how many linear feet of material you need, you can create a ballpark figure for each of the materials you're considering and then compare them according to price, durability, and maintenance requirements. Many homeowners, for both design and budgetary reasons, are deciding to use two or more materials in different areas, say a wood top on the island and granite or quartz for the remaining countertops.

What material speaks to your design aesthetic?

unique kitchen

Photo by: Ecraft

You’re likely going to live with your countertops for a while, make sure you choose a countertop that fits your unique style and taste.

Everyone has favorite countertop materials that satisfy their design goals. You may love stainless steel while someone else adores the new laminates. Be sure to talk to the pros about getting the look you love at a price you can afford. Are white Carrara marble countertops beyond your budget? An alternative white stone material that’s durable and low maintenance might be an option.

Countertops are a central part of any kitchen remodel but before deciding, be sure to see the different surfaces in person. The dedicated designers at our showroom are ready to present you with a variety of options, one of which is sure to be exactly what you're looking for.

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