By Janet Myers | October 03, 2016

Change the look of your kitchen with new lighting

You’ve been living in your home for several years now and after spending so much time preparing meals in the kitchen, this space is starting to look dull, drab and otherwise uninviting. It’s important to feel good about your kitchen, or mealtime could become more of a chore than something you enjoy doing with your family.

A great way to change the look and mood of your kitchen is put in new lighting. You have a number of options, including whether to switch from standard fluorescent lights to compact fluorescent bulbs or even highly energy efficient LED lights. There are other items you can change as well, including the use of sconces, a dimmer switch and recessed lighting.

Incorporate Sconces

For a fancy and elegant look, consider incorporating sconces in your kitchen. Sconces mount on the wall and typically direct light forward and above. A wall sconce serves as a great accent piece as well.

You can use sconces to break up the monotony of a bare wall. Sconces located above kitchen cabinets provide extra illumination when selecting dishes or ingredients. You’ll also find that sconces are both useful and beautiful when installed over the sink or stove to help illuminate the task at hand. Black metal sconces and sconces made from bronze or chrome are popular choices to consider.

Add a Dimmer Switch to Vary Lighting Levels

Sometimes a little variable lighting is called for to establish a certain mood. A dimmer switch gives you control over how much illumination is flooding your kitchen.

During food preparation, use the dimmer switch to brighten up your workspace. More light helps you prepare and cook more efficiently, after all.

But when it’s time to serve your family or friends, you can lower the lights to soften the atmosphere. Turning down the dimmer can make your kitchen nice and cozy for a romantic snack or when entertaining guests. On the other hand, if you are hosting a noisy get-together, brighter lights will make it easier for people to see each other and the food and drinks you’re serving.

Switch out Existing Lights for Recessed Lights

The old lights installed by the previous owner are boring and you would like to make some changes to the aesthetic of your kitchen. How about switching out the existing lights for recessed lights? This gives the kitchen a sleek and modern look.

Sometimes referred to as “downlights” or “can lights,” recessed lights are installed so that they are flush with the ceiling. They consist of a housing and light bulb with decorative trim (such as nickel or bronze that you can match with other elements in the kitchen like cabinet handles and drawer pulls).

Good lighting is crucial when it comes to meal preparation and cooking. By changing the look of your kitchen with new lighting, you are also making it an easier space to work in. If you have limited experience in upgrading your home, the team at David Gray Design Studio is here for you. We can help you figure out the best lighting options for your kitchen. For details or to set up an appointment with our design experts, please contact us today.

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