By Janet Myers | August 10, 2016

7 Kitchen Cabinet Trends to Pay Attention to

The cabinets in your kitchen get quite a workout and serve as an important visual element as well. It’s no wonder that cabinets are among the first items that homeowners focus on when looking to change the look and feel of their kitchen in the greater Jacksonville, FL region.

You’ll get more out of your kitchen redesign or remodeling efforts when you take a moment to pause and think about how you’d like the cabinets to look. Once you’ve settled on your selection, you can then address the cabinets in context with how they will appear with other additions you are considering, such as a new floor, countertops, paint or wallpaper and appliances.

Here are seven kitchen cabinet design trends that you will want to pay attention to in 2016 for your home.

1. Horizontally-Oriented Cabinets

If you’re looking for a refined, clean look, consider installing some horizontal cabinets. Now you won’t have to stack items and it will be easier to access them. Put inserts into the cabinets to help you organize cooking implements.

2. Neutral Colors, White and Gray

Opting for neutral tones with your cabinets gives you more options for the other items in your kitchen. The cabinets serving as a backdrop for splashy, bold colors in appliances or decorations, for example. Gray or white does not have to mean drab. It will be a nice counterpoint for the hues you select for flooring, walls and items such as pots and pans. If you don’t need to replace your cabinets but want to change the look, you can paint the ones you have in place now.

3. High Tech

Bring your kitchen into the modern world by adding a touch of high technology when appropriate. For example, since the kitchen is typically the last place people go before heading out for work and school, you might want to install some charging stations for smartphones, laptops and tablets.

This is a particularly useful approach if you also tend to use a laptop to display recipes or cooking videos as you do work in the kitchen. Include color-coordinated tablet and smartphone stands for stylish, hands-free use.

4. Clean Lines

A kitchen can become a room of controlled chaos under normal, everyday use, especially if you have younger children underfoot and a lot of traffic. To bring a sense of calm and subtlety, go with cabinets that have clean lines. This simple look will go well if you are putting in cabinets with white, gray or neutral colors.

5. Functional Approach

Design is not just about appearances, of course. Homeowners looking to upgrade their kitchen often go with functional design elements. For example, pullout shelving gives you more storage options, as will a Lazy Susan that you install inside a cabinet. A toe-kick drawer below the lower cabinets is a good option as well.

6. Shaker Cabinets

Cabinets made in the Shaker style are popular in today’s busy world. Their square design emphasizes plainness but this doesn’t mean you need to use inexpensive and unattractive wood. Instead, go for the highest quality wood available that will fit your budget.

7. Customized Cabinets

Your new kitchen cabinets don’t need to look like what everyone else has in their homes. You can pick your own color (in material or by adding with paint after installation), or select a hue that is unusual but keeps with the color scheme of the rest of your home. Cabinet handles are a focal point that you can customize in terms of appearance, material and how they feel (such as a smooth, rounded handle versus a square handle with hard edges).

With so many options for your kitchen during a remodeling project, it’s natural if you are on the fence about which one is best for your particular home. This is why so many homeowners in the greater Jacksonville, FL region and beyond have come to rely on the professionals at David Gray Design Studio to help them with style choices. For details on selecting the perfect kitchen cabinets or to get started on a new project with the help of our team of designers, please contact us today.

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